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380/540/550 motor test stands

380/540/550 motor test stands. For 380: upgradeparts-universal-motor-test-stand-380 540/550 Version 1 – for motor with flux ring: upgradeparts-universal-motor-test-stand-540withfluxring 540/550 Version 2… read more 380/540/550 motor test stands

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Battery cover for a RC Motorcycle

Version 1 (for smaller lipo pack): upgradeparts-rcbike-batterycell-cover Version 2 (for larger lipo): upgradeparts-rcbike-batterycell-cover-v2 Battery cover for a RC Motorcycle. This… read more Battery cover for a RC Motorcycle

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Universal damper stay extensions

Universal damper stay extensions. They give you more flexibility in arranging and mounting dampers. Larger version: upgradeparts-universal-extension-damperstay-large Smaller version: upgradeparts-universal-extension-damperstay-small

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1/8 motor stand

1/8 motor stand: upgradeparts-rccar-common-motorstand-1-8  

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370 and 380 size motor stands

370 size motor stand: upgradeparts-rccar-common-motorstand-370 380 size motor stand: upgradeparts-rccar-common-motorstand-380

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540/550 size motor stands

540/550 size motor stand (without flux ring): upgradeparts-rccar-common-motorstand-540-36mm 540/550 size motor stand (with flux ring): upgradeparts-rccar-common-motorstand-540-38mmplus    

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Airsoft AEG piston heads

Airsoft AEG piston heads: 6 holes: airsoft-piston-head-6holes 8 holes: airsoft-piston-head-8holes   10 holes: airsoft-piston-head-10holes    

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TA06 side mount for ESC (with fan mount)

This is a ESC side mount (with fan mount supporting 30mm fan) for the Tamiya TA06. upgradeparts-tami-ta06-sideescmount-withfan

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TA06 side mount for ESC

This is a ESC side mount for the Tamiya TA06. upgradeparts-tami-ta06-sideescmount    

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Front POV Cam mount for RC cars

This is a universal POV cam mount. It is like a fully adjustable brace for the front dampers with a… read more Front POV Cam mount for RC cars