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Tamiya spur gears 65t, 68T, 71T for TT02/TT02B/TA05/TA05R/XV01/FF03/TA06/TT02

Download 71T: upgradeparts-tam-ta06-spur-71t Download 68T: upgradeparts-tam-ta06-spur-68t Download 65T: upgradeparts-tam-ta06-spur-65t

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Steering knuckle for Tamiya FF03/TA05 v2/TA06

Steering knuckle for Tamiya FF03/TA05 v2/TA06 (10mm bearings) upgradeparts-tamiya-ff03-steeringknuckle-latest

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Body post brace for Tamiya onroad chassis models

Body post brace for FF03/TT01 front and rear: upgradeparts-tami-ff03-frontrear-bodypostbrace   Body post brace for TA05 V2 front and rear: upgradeparts-tami-ta05v2-frontrear-bodypostbrace… read more Body post brace for Tamiya onroad chassis models

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ESC / Receiver holder plate for Tamiya FF03


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TA05 V2/FF03 plastic bushings 10x15x4

Tamiya TA05 V2/FF03  plastic bushings 10x15x. 100% fill recommended. upgradeparts-tami-ta05v2-bushing-10x15x4

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TT02/FF03/Optima 5x10x4 plastic bushings

Tamiya TT02/FF03 and Kyosho Optima  5x10x4 plastic bushings: upgradeparts-tami-tt02-bushing-5x4x10 Please use 100% fill for the best possible strength.

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FF03 side servo mounting plate

This is a replacement for the Tamiya  FF03 side servo mounting plate. upgradeparts-tami-ff03-newservoholder

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FF03 Battery Holder Cover

FF03 Battery Holder Cover This is a battery cover holder for Tamiya FF03. It has an overall length of 160mm…. read more FF03 Battery Holder Cover

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FF03 Rear Bumper

This is a snap in rear bumper for FF03. You need to have 2 longer screws at the rear end… read more FF03 Rear Bumper

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Cooling Fan mount for Tamiya FF03

This is a cooling fan mount for FF03. You use 2 screws to secure it on the chassis. The fan… read more Cooling Fan mount for Tamiya FF03