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TA06 side mount for ESC

This is a ESC side mount for the Tamiya TA06. upgradeparts-tami-ta06-sideescmount    

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Optima battery holder plate

This is a battery holder plate for the Kyosho Optima. It sits on the chassis. upgradeparts-kyosho-optima-batteryholderplate

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AYK Boxer/Buffalo battery holder plate

This is a battery holder plate for the vintage AYK Boxer/Buffalo. It sits on the chassis. upgradeparts-ayk-boxer-batteryholderplate

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TA02 chassis reinforcement kit

TA02 chassis reinforcement kit. The front halve comes with a brace for the steering lever. The rear halve comes with… read more TA02 chassis reinforcement kit

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AYK Boxer/Buffalo/Bobcat rear body post

This is a replacement rear body post for the legacy AYK Boxer/Buffalo/Bobcat RWD. upgradeparts-ayk-boxer-rear-bodypost

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Chassis Reinforcement for Xi Sport NU

   In case the upper chassis deck is broken, you can use these parts for structural reinforcement. There is a… read more Chassis Reinforcement for Xi Sport NU