Unbox and configure the Kingroon K3P

Unbox the Kingroon KP3 3D printer. This printer can be used with the latest Cura (use the Ender 3 profile and adjust the bed size).

Modern 3d printers are pretty easy to configure. Once assembled, you need to first perform leveling. The 4 corners of the print bed need to be carefully adjusted so that there is a tiny gap of 0.1 to 0.2 mm between the bed and the nozzle. That means the gap should be just enough for a piece of paper to pass through. This is a time consuming process. If poorly done, the filament will not stick.

In terms of software, the Ultimaker Cura is your best choice. If your printer is not listed, you can always use the Ender 3 profile, which is compatible with most printers. Of course you will need to adjust the print size to match that of your printer. There are other settings that must be tried out to give the best possible printing experience.

Author: ycthk

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